RAMP Version 3.16

DATE: 27.March.2019

Contents of the Release

File Description
manager-31600.zip A zipped file containing all files necessary for installation of RAMP Manager for 3.16.0
dataCollector-31600.zip A zipped file containing all files necessary for installation of RAMP Data Collector 3.16.0, RAMP AssetTracker and RAMP SNMP Trap Listener
Images.msi Windows MSI file containing images for all the devices supported in RAMP 3.16.0

Improvements and New Features

  • Added integration with AssetTracker, an RFID data center asset locator

    • Added AssetTracker ID field for racks and assets
    • Added AssetTracker Manager page
    • Added RAMP AssetTracker service for RAMP Data Collector
    • Added new web application to onboard new assets and to tag and audit data center racks
  • Improved WMI discovery and monitoring

  • Improved Enlogic series 1000 PDU definition

  • Improved Sinetica Powerhawk i3 definition

  • Improved Cisco switch discovery and monitoring

Changes in Behavior

  • RAMP Data Collector Configuration Manager now requires valid RAMP user and password to register a Data Collector. The ability to register is limited to users with Admin or Power User roles. Please review installation documentation for further details.
  • A server reboot will be required during or after the installation of both the RAMP Manager and RAMP Data Collector(s).

Supported Upgrade Path

Direct or one-step migration of RAMP Database from prior RAMP software releases to RAMP 3.16.0 are supported for following RAMP software releases:

  • RAMP 3.13
  • RAMP 3.14
  • RAMP 3.15

End of Life

Releases older than 3.13 are now considered End-of-Life. Customers running earlier software releases are encouraged to upgrade.

Please consult our upgrade guide or contact our support team if you have any questions.

New Devices Supported

  • Eaton PowerWare UPS cards

  • DataAire CRAC DAP4 control System

  • Liebert CRAC models:

    • MiniMate 1
    • MiniMate 2
    • CW
    • DataMate

Known Issues


Changes in Version 3.16.1

Device Support

  • Added Liebert FDC Support